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Looking for a prototyping design tool that does it all? Look no further!

Chengdu Mockplus Technology Co. Ltd | 1 more apps |
added on January 16, 2023
204.8mb | free


An easy-to-use UI with all the features available on the screen
More than 3000 icons and many pre-designed components are available
Project reviews, comments, and many options are available for teams
Test to native device features available as well


The free version is not enough (although the paid version is affordable)
Mockplus RP
Price: $
Mockplus RP is a design prototyping application for individuals, teams, and enterprises. If you are looking for an application that you can use to design working prototypes for your applications, whether they are web, mobile, or desktop, this might be the application for you. One of the best things about Mockplus is the support for all the platforms (Android, PC, Web, Mac) and the sizes for the designs.

Prototyping design made easier

If you have any sketches or diagrams that you drew, individually or with your team, you can immediately create prototypes of the same designs using Mockplus. It is incredibly simple and easy. With a ton of built-in components in the application, you can design any application for your usage.

You do not need to be an expert designer to create your prototype within Mockplus RP. In case you do not know, prototypes are working designs that you can use to demonstrate the potential usage of your application. In case you are an expert designer, you will have a great time using Mockplus as it will take no time in getting started.

Remember that it is a prototyping application, not a development application or IDE, but it can demonstrate most of what the design would do. Mockplus RP makes manufacturing any software prototype much easier and much more fun.

Team or individual? No worries!

If you are an individual designer, Mockplus RP is a great option for you. But if you work in a team, it is a fantastic option for you because of the many team-integration features it provides. From one-click synchronization of designs to limiting team members to viewers only, Mockplus has you covered.

If you have multiple users working on the same project, Mockplus provides you with some great options such as one-click synchronization, commenting, specifications, reviewing, and the option to see if somebody is editing the design page right now. There are 3 different roles that you can give to your team members, notably Member (edit and design), Collaborator (comment and view specs), and Guest (preview only).

A brilliant and beautiful user-interface

A designing application is only as good as its design is. Mockplus is one of the best applications when it comes to that aspect, as it provides users with a modern yet minimalist UI with all the features available with the minimum number of clicks. The pre-designed components such as pop-up panels, stack panels, scrollers, and other things are available as soon as you start designing. Other than that, the application provides more than 3000 icons and 200 components that the users can use. All of them are available right when you start prototyping your designs.

Not free, but worth it

There is a free version available, but it has limitations that a lot of teams and designers will not like. The premium version is currently available for $10.95 and it has many features including unlimited pages and prototypes, unlimited revisions, storyboarding, and so much more.


Mockplus RP is a fantastic prototyping application that you can use to create prototypes for your applications across platforms. You can get started immediately without having to spend too much time or money. While the free version is an easy way to get started, the paid version seems worth it with the required perks especially if you work in a team.
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Minimum requirements

• Windows 7/8/10

Licence limitations

• Various limitations in the free version

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